Here at BSS, we understand that you may have questions regarding our products and we’re pleased to help.
Should you require assistance, have questions or would like to write to us, please drop us a line at:

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How long will my package take to arrive?

Orders are shipped on the SAME BUSINESS DAY when passed before 9 am, eastern time. Buyers receive tracking information automatically as soon as the item is shipped.

Various shipping options are available, ranging from overnight to a few days. Prices and delivery standards for your specific region will be detailed once you have entered your address on the checkout page.

Do you sell replacement wheel arch panels?

We don’t and we won’t. We have had bad experiences with these as they tend to be surprisingly hard to weld on a rusted body, and doing so would only postpone the rust problem further around. We stick with the bolt-on-frame bracket reinforcement along with fiberglass. It’s easier to install and much tougher on the long run in our experience. Fiberglass doesn’t rust, resists water/salts/debris and by sealing the metal underneath it prevents actual rust from spreading further. Speaking of strength, a simple three-layer fiberglass patch compares favorably to the thin sheet metal that the vehicle is made of. There is just no reason to replace this body panel for the job that it is, in terms of parts cost, installation time, and durability of the repair. It does not outperform an easy fiberglass job, while sealing the wheel arch is something that you will likely end-up having to do anyway.

Will it affect the way the car drives or make it less safe?

Absolutely not. When the reinforcement bracket is installed, the suspension components keep all their properties. Our patent-pending design, principle, the thickness of the steel we use and our welding techniques make the bracket 5 times thicker than the original equipment. This means our product is much more resistant to wear and tear than even the original material,  while keeping the same driving characteristics.


Our designs have been tested and every one of our products adhere to strict quality control prior to shipment. No amount of driving, regardless of road conditions can affect the bracket to a point where it could break. This is part of our extensive and rigorous warranty. If ever one of our brackets didn’t make it to the end of the useful life of the car, we would offer a 100% refund or replacement. We stand behind every one of our products!

My car has severe rust in the fender. Is it beyond repair?

In some very typical cases, the rust has spread all around the original shock mount, which may eventually tear off completely from the body and look really awfull. In other cases, it remains barely attached, typically in the lower portion of the mount near the frame rail, and is rusted in the upper portion. Rust may spread in other areas in the fender as well, which is very common.

Before the repair, it may look like there is no hope to repair it (a lot of rust, teared metal, crumbles falling off), yet it is totally repairable. Consider that the rust can be brushed off, then the affected area can be sealed with fiberglass.

A surprising number of our customers have reported us having been told, prior to finding our product, that their vehicle was not repairable. Well, guess what, they are now back on the road with confidence, they are glad to let us know, and that happens again and again. Extending the useful life of those vehicles is one of our company’s goals, and is truly rewarding. We hope yours is the next one we can save!

Would it pass a safety test?

We guarantee that it will and we’ve got you covered: In the unlikely event it should ever occur, we would offer a 100% refund for the original cost of both parts and installation labour.

I don't know much about mechanics. Can I install it by myself?

We guarantee that the installation does not require any sort of advanced mechanical knowledge. If you know how to remove and replace a wheel, how to use a grinder and a drill, most likely you will be able to follow the steps of our easy installation guide without any problems.


If ever you receive the product and feel like you are not able to install our products because it is out of your skill range, you can ask your local mechanic to install it for you OR you can return it back.

What if I order it and I change my mind about installing it? Can I return the product for a refund?

Our return policy is simple: You have 60 days after the reception of your product to ship it back for a total refund of the purchase price. Our full warranty offers a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee.


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